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Jenny Macke

~Movement & Massage~


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To witness the world as beautiful, in the face of so much ugliness, is a necessary practice.  To do this, the heart needs the body to tune-in through our senses of touch, smell, taste, sound and sight.   This takes embodied practice to change habits that may limit our perception and receptivity.

In this workshop, we cultivate the authentic space inside.  A space to tune in.   A witness, with heart and soul at center.   Through dance practice and loving awareness, we tap into what is fertile and potent.  We seek a muse, who is moved by life itself.

Middle Fork of The Nooksack River ~~~~~

Middle Fork of The Nooksack River ~~~~~

River Wisdom: A women’s dance Circle day of embodied exploration & Art

May 11, 2019

.Every moment there is something to witness and receive from the movement of the river. It teaches us to release, to find the path of least resistance, and follow a course that connects us to something bigger.  On this Saturday, gathering with women, we will connect to feminine wisdom of each other and the voice of the river.  

Open Floor dance, art making and nature exploration will be tapped into to offer a day of restoration, curiosity, support and exploration of freedom.  All people that identify as “woman” are welcome.   If you are a beginning dancer & art-maker or more experienced, there will be something for all.


visiting teachers at presence studio

Jenny Macke founded Presence Studio and hosts a variety of  movement workshops facilitated by teachers from around the world.  Visit Presence Studio's Website for more information.  

Master Teacher Lori Saltzman to teach in March 1-3 2019!


Jenny Teaches Open Floor Workshops.  Here is a video about Open Floor!

Your Body is your Home

"We are spirits living n a material world...."


Peacemaking with your body is at the heart of the work I do.

Whether you experience physical discomfort or

you are longing for more self-knowledge and connection,

I believe that wholeness and well-being is possible for every body.

When we embrace conscious connection

through movement and massage

we can collaborate

and remember


all parts of ourselves




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