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Jenny Macke

~Movement & Massage~


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Upcoming Workshops



Dance & Nature Retreat with Jenny Macke

October 11-13, 2019

On a full moon weekend let the sky and a wild river valley allure you home. Wholly remembering in your dance, your place in the world. A call in the deep quiet of all that is connected. Tuning into an aliveness in the web of intimacy with the trees and animals; rocks and sky; other humans just being human.

We will dance, explore, and re-wild by feeling our feet upon the earth, hands connected to cosmos and hearts to each other. A kindness for ourselves. A space for retreat, community and personal moments of restoring connection to self, each other and the wild & natural world.

Live music/drumming with Burke Mulvany & Jay Darling



 Soul Stream Workshop

Each person’s soul has a particular texture and vibration unique to them. This soul vibration cannot be clung to or grabbed ahold of or have demands put upon it..... Instead it needs fertile soil where it can flow like a free and wild river. 

This movement workshop is designed to bring to surface tools and practices that create and help open channels in the body where the soulstream can flow. It is based on Open Floor embodiment practices, that allow for deep dancing. Moving in this way lets our soul vibration be felt and remembered in our cells and more accessible in everyday living. We will also work with symbols, art and dreams because these inherently open doors to tune into the soul channel. 

The movement we will do is completely accessible to any person, body type or background. And yet it has the alchemical quality to invoke the mystical and mythical realms that the soul needs for it to rise up. This is deeply healing work for soul, self and spirit. It is a homecoming to our hearts and nervous systems because it gives us room to breathe and live the life for which we are called

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visiting teachers at presence studio

Jenny Macke founded Presence Studio and hosts a variety of  movement workshops facilitated by teachers from around the world.  Visit Presence Studio's Website for more information.  

Cynthia Kennedy and Joseph Machado will teach Libido Fundamentals January 16-19, 2019.


Jenny Teaches Open Floor Workshops.  Here is a video about Open Floor!

Your Body is your Home

"We are spirits living n a material world...."


Peacemaking with your body is at the heart of the work I do.

Whether you experience physical discomfort or

you are longing for more self-knowledge and connection,

I believe that wholeness and well-being is possible for every body.

When we embrace conscious connection

through movement and massage

we can collaborate

and remember


all parts of ourselves




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