Intuitive Wholeness Massage

60 MINUTES $75•90 minutes $105

This appointment is an orthopedic and relaxation massage combined with myofascial release techniques and intuitive healing energy work. A 1 hour appointment is not as comprehensive as an 1.5 hour appointment but still provides an experience of deep relaxation.  With 1.5 hours Jenny can tend more completely to the whole interconnected system of the body, mind, & soul for deep relaxation plus offer deeper  treatment work.

Movement Coaching with Massage

90 MINUTES $105

Jenny will assess where and how parts of your body do not move; i.e. where your body has amnesia due to physical, mental, emotional or soul stress. You will receive keen and intuitive insight through this process. Open Floor Movement and body rolling practices will be combined with other intuitive healing modalities to help you co-create a wholeness pathway unique to your situation and needs.  The session completes with an integrative massage from the work we do with movement.   

Hot Stone Massage

60 MINUTES $105

Jenny has collected many stones from the wild river she lives on, as well as other stones she has acquired for their healing properties. The smooth stones are heated and used with oil or essential oils for incredible therapeutic effects to deeply relax muscles. The stones become an extension of the Jenny's hands as they provide a unique experience that many find to be tremendously calming, grounding and centering.  

Pregnancy Massage

60 MINUTES $75 • 90 MINUTES $105

.Massage helps an expecting mother drop into their para-sympathetic nervous system & send signals of well-being and bodily connection between Mother & Baby. This includes increased circulation and oxygenation for both & decreases stress hormones. This massage also addresses the special needs of aches and pains of an expectant Mother. Through the use of specially-designed massage tables, cushions, and side-lying postures Jenny provides an extremely nurturing and relaxing experience.

5 Session Series of Movement & Massage

5- 90 MINUTES sessions along with homecare exercises  $500

This series is designed to occur over a 5 months period of time in which Jenny will help you create a wholeness pathway for you based on your needs.   Including 5 sessions of movement coaching and hands-on body work, she will also offer you personal pathways of explorations in between sessions.  This includes ways of moving to practice that will bring more grounding and freedom, that free up places in your body that do not move and help integrate the body, mind, emotions and soul into your wholeness path.   Jenny works with massage and energy work along with Open Floor Movement Resources and self-care body rolling in a deeply personal and integrative approach.  


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