Creating space

We all need space.  To grow, to be ourselves, to love, to receive life and to give life.   When space is consciously created it hopefully gives form to "what is" and "what is to come."  This Website and blog are consciously created space to express what I have heard, when listening to my own soul calling,  and to tangibly offer the ways I have responded to this call to be of service in the world.  Everyday I seek more ways to love what I do and to be of service to others.   It is truly a labor of love. Not always easy but certainly full of hope and possibility.   It feels strong, it feels vulnerable, it feels like a work in progress as I learn and grow and ebb and flow.   There is clarity in what I have offered here and there is still great mystery to me.  And on it goes...  I am committed to the process...  for myself, for students and for clients.  I trust that there is wholeness for each and every one of us.  I believe in connection to our bodies and the earth and the rich space that exists between and within all.  Ultimately, I am infinitely curious and when I take things too seriously I try to remember this and it is like a breath of fresh air in big open space. I am smiling as I write and remember...

Jennifer Macke